Modular Aluminum Suspended Platform
COSMO ZLP series temporary suspended platform is a new type of high-altitude operation equipment that can replace traditional scaffolding, reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency, and can be reused. At the same time, the equipment is widely used in exterior wall finishing of high-rise buildings, curtain wall installation, and large oil tanks, bridges, dams, chimneys, etc. The construction cost is only 20% of traditional scaffolding.

Main Features:
Safe and practical, flexible splicing, easy operation and advanced performance.
The unique design and manufacturing process ensure longer service life and more stable and reliable performance.
The maximum span of 15 meters requires only 2 hoists.
The maximum rated load reaches 2000lbs (900kg).
Modular design is convenient for storage, transportation and replacement.
Lightweight and easy to move with wheels.
Compatible with other hanging suspended platform in the industry.
Quick and simple setup, no tools required.
Through UL certification (import), domestically produced products are fully compliant with UL standards.
Adjustable armrest height provides more functions and a larger working surface.
Multiple safety protection measures: automatic anti-tilting, emergency stop device, speed limit protection, upper limit protection, rope break protection, manual release, etc.
Especially with unique design and production, it can adapt to the needs of different projects, such as: extra-long suspended platform for bridges, track-type sliding suspended platform, and ship-mounted ultra-long suspended platform, etc.