GTP Series False Car

CE certificated!

Safely Reduce Shaft Installation Time!
The False Car used in combination with a Wire Rope Winches will reduce the time needed to install elevator shaft equipment. It is adjustable to a wide range of DBG (distance between guides) and depth dimension. It is a much safer and a more economical solution!

• Early Entrance On To Jobsite
False Car allows contractor to begin installing hoist-way equipment prior to building and machine room completion
• Quick Setup
False Car is installed once in approximately 2 hours regardless of building height. Scaffold must be installed throughout hoist-way.
• Faster/More Efficient Rail Installation
Moving platform that is not dependent on building height allows for much quicker installation than scaffold or planking method
• Cost
Initial investment allows for reduced installation costs on all future job sites
• Full Adjustability
CHI system allows for adjustability to hoist-ways of all sizes
• Increased Safety: Reduces Your Liability
Safety devices and capacity-rated equipment as part of false car system increases jobsite safety

Technical Specifications:
Rated Capacity :
400~600kg by different models of CHI winches.
Standard Size Ranges:
DBG: 1350mm~2000mm; 1650mm~3000; 2150mm~4000mm adjustable
Depth: 1500mm~2000mm adjustable
Safety Measures:
Wire Rope Safety Lock, Guide Safety Gear etc.
Customize available

Key Features

Digit control box is set according to safety requirements from large elevator companies. We also make settings to avoid false control. 220V, 380V power out for necessary tools.

Strict tests