Suspension Mechanism

Besides the standard suspension mechanism, our company is also capable of desinging special suspension mechanism according to various of structure

Parapet Clamp

LTD series HOIST
Type LTD3.0 LTD5.0 LTD6.3 LTD8A LTD10
Rated lifting force 3.0kN 5.0kN 6.3kN 8.0kN 10kN
Lifting speed 9.0m/min 9.3m/min 9.3m/min 8.3m/min 8.2m/min
Motor power 0.7kW 1.1kW 1.5kW 1.8kW 2.2kW
Diameter of wire rope Φ8.3mm Φ8.3mm Φ8.3mm Φ8.6mm Φ8.6mm
Self weight 35kg 48kg 50kg 52kg 80kg
Electric control system

Adopting famous intemational brand (Schneider Brand) electric control components and with 36V control voltage, it is safer and more reliable.

Standard Figure include: Electricity - leaking protection, Thermal relay protection, Top limit protection, bell alaem, etc.

Anti-inclination Safety Lock LST20/LSB30
Major Technical Data
allowable impulsive force 30kN
wire rope locking angle scope 3°-8°
wire rope locking distance ≤100mm
diameter of wire rope Φ8.3-8.6mm